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The term USSD stand for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data which works on a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) protocol. This mean the USSD service works on every kind and type of mobile phones, so far as it uses the GSM protocol.

 A USSD menu that displays on a phone, is made up to 160 characters long including white Spaces, which establishes a real-time communication session between the phone and another device — typically, a network or server.

With USSD being a value-added service, users interact directly from their mobile phones by making selections from various menus. In doing this, the USSD establishes a real-time communication session between the phone and another device — typically, a server. Unlike an SMS message, during a USSD session, a USSD message creates a real-time connection. This means USSD enables two-way communication of information, as long as the communication line stays open. As such, queries and answers are nearly instantaneous.

What Can USSD Do For your Business?

It is easy to use, does not require sophisticated technology, and is cheaper than most communication platforms. But there are even more benefits:

Benefits of USSD

  • Does not require an internet connection or data to work.
  • Reduces operating costs when it works as a self-service application for your customers.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction when you give them the ability to serve themselves.
  • It works with just about every mobile phone.
  • Intuitive menu with real-time interactivity.

All in all, it works on just about any mobile phone, whether it’s a cheap, or expensive smartphone. It’s free for your clients to use, and cost-effective for businesses. It does not require data to work, and all it needs to operate, is a connection to the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network.

How Can Businesses Use It?

A few examples of how businesses use USSD:

  • For collection of Fund via Mobile Money (includes; Mobile banking, Data and Airtime purchase, Donations, Offerings, Tithes, etc.)
  • Data collection. – Get vital information from users.
  •  Updating customer information – integrate USSD with your ERP or CRM software to request updated information.
  • Send surveys or questionnaires for cost-effective and reliable customer feedback.
  •  A medium for other marketing activities like Tickets, Vouchers and Coupons.

The official USSD short code for WIGAL is *800# however, we also provide the services for dedicated short code as well as shared codes on our main code *800#.

Below are the pricing list for the shared code, for prices on dedicated code, kindly call 23355309529/233271149554

WIGAL also have API that helps developers to use our USSD service across all network providers in Ghana.

To learn more about our USSD developer’s endpoint use this link ( 

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